Xero2 bikes provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is a requirement when validating warranty coverage. Warranty coverage is only applied to the original purchaser of product.

Please follow owner's manual for proper use and operation. Xero2 warrants manufacturer defects for 12 months from purchase date. Defects or damage caused from misuse will not be covered under warranty. Certain components of Xero2 bikes are considered wear items and will not be covered under warranty. Any damage to Xero2 products by the consumer which are caused by accidents will not be covered under warranty.

Customer/Original purchaser is responsible for shipping charges relating to warranty work. Xero2 reserves the right to change or modify what is included under limited warranty.

What is covered under limited warranty by manufacturer defect:

●    Frame
●    Forks
●    Stem
●    Handlebar
●    Headset
●    Brake disc
●    Lights
●    Rims
●    Hub
●    Bottom bracket
●    Pedals
●    Crank arms
●    Motor
●    Controller
●    Kickstand
●    Display
●    Throttle
●    Battery (battery damage is not covered by power surges, shorts, misuse, improper charging habits, use of improper chargers, water damage)

What is NOT covered under limited warranty:

General wear components are not covered under warranty. Wear components include:

●    Tires
●    Chain
●    Spokes
●    Grips
●    Seat
●    Brake pads
●    Bearings
●    Cables
●    Brake lines

General wear and tear of product is not covered under warranty. This includes the following:
●    Paint damage or rust
●    Battery degradation
●    Loose components

Additional exclusions include:
●    Misuse of product
●    Damage due to stunt riding
●    Damage due to jumping
●    Damage from off road use
●    Altercation of components
●    3rd party components
●    Modification of controller
●    Modification of hub motor
●    Modification of battery
●    Modification to other electronic components on bike
●    Maintenance neglect
●    Damage cause from exceeded weight limits of anyXero2 product


For warranty services please contact customerservice@xero2.com for more information regarding your issues.